Summer & Co.Co : A company with a mission

Summer & Co.Co : A company with a mission by Business News Japan

Alcohol is a dime a dozen and for consumers it’s tough to know a liquor’s uniqueness  and build brand allegiance. With the newly released Animal Love Tahiti rums and gin however, there’s an added value to every purchase: the commitment to donate part of our profits to the conservation of coral reefs and sea life. Customers get high quality spirits at great prices, whilst benefiting sea life.

These quality spirits are distilled in small batches in Tahiti, French Polynesia. Crowned by majestic peaks, Tahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia, dominates the ocean like a proud and royal queen. The spirits won a number of international awards, including a gold medal at Japan Awards 2022.

These remarkably clean and soft rums and gin are distilled in modern multi plate column stills diluted with the purest, freshest Tahitian spring water.  They are free of artificial ingredients and truly encapsulates the vibrancy and spirit of French Polynesia.

The owner of the brand, Summer & Co.Co, started exporting its brands internationally years ago. The whiskies, Tigear Gàidhealach, support the the Highland Tiger, the world’s most endangered wildcat whereas the wines support dog rescues and their sake endangered birds.  These award winning brands are for sale in different Asian countries, Australia and Europe. Summer & Co.Co is very happy with the overall success of the brands, and the brands began to gain steam to the point that it became apparent they were producing something that people enjoyed drinking. As a result, they’re now looking into expanding into Japan.

Summer & Co.Co is looking for a local partner who has experience in helping emerging brands break into the business. It’s not a requirement, per se, but they’d love to find a distributor and importer who shares their affinity for animals rescue. They’re a mission-driven company, and achieving this part of our mission is very important to them.

Very recently, Summer & Co.Co has joined JAPAN Wines, Spirits and Beers Competition 2022 and won TWO Gold Medal Award and Silver Medal Award in this prestigious competition:

Animal Love Tahiti Gin 40% 700ml

Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

Birds of Love Sake 14-15%

Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

Animal Love Tahiti White Rum 40% 700ml

Awarded Silver by Business News Japan

Drink with love and help to support wildlife and animal rescue!

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