Grands Châteaux de France : Produces exceptional wine with modern and younger image

Grands Châteaux de France : Produces exceptional wine with modern and younger image by Business News Japan

Grands Châteaux de France exports internationally and wishes to develop even more. Increasing our communication globally within the company is a primary goal for us.

Gaillard de Naujan, a brave character, is strongly associated with the history of the Grands Châteaux de France. He was the founder of the Châteaux de Naujan and the first to lay the foundations for today’s Les Grands Châteaux de France.

Only the Earth makes this great wine, according to the Château de Naujan’s adage.

Châteaux de France owe their existence to this land, which has made us proud of its traditions and growth.

Grands Châteaux de France was created in 2007. It is located in the town of Saint Vincent de Pertignas in Gironde. Bordeaux wines are bottled at the property. They offer a wine shop as well as discovery and tasting sessions.

Very recently, Grands Châteaux de France has joined JAPAN Wines, Spirits and Beers Competition 2022 and won TWO Gold Medal Award and Silver Medal Award in this prestigious competition:


Awarded Gold by Business News Japan


Awarded Gold by Business News Japan


Awarded Silver by Business News Japan

Interview of Japan Awards to Mr. Frédéric Batisse – Director

Question 1: Do you already export to JAPAN ? If yes, where ? If no, what type of importers & distributors are you looking for in JAPAN ?

Answer : Currently we have a few clients in Japon, (Osaka and Tokyo), but we would like to expand further.

Question 2: What is the most unique and qualitative part of your products, different from competitors ?

Answer : Grands Châteaux de France wants to be modern, and wants to break the codes. We have opted for a modern, younger image (especially with our labels). Our bottles want to be more accessible, so that we can drink on any occasion.

Question 3: When did you start to export your brand worldwide, and what is your development plan for the next years ?

Answer : We started exporting in the year 2000. Our plan for the next few years is to restructure the vineyard by reintroducing 2 old grape varieties which are Malbec and Carménère in order to differentiate it from the others.

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