Trifon Estate Wines Business News Japan

Trifon Estate Wines is situated on a 330-hectare block in Wahring in Central Victoria. The property is extremely attractive with wide plains, pockets of native bush and 4km of frontage onto the Goulburn River. 230 hectares are planted to vines making the estate one of the largest vineyards producing premium wine grapes in Australia. All vines are premium European clones grafted on to phylloxera-resistant rootstock.

The Trifon Estate Vineyard is surrounded by natural clean water, pristine environment as well as local wildlife. Black swans, pelicans, kangaroos, koalas, ducks, eagles and much more wildlife are ever present in and around the vineyard.

Their estate is run by loyal staff alongside family members that take exceptional care to maintain the vineyard in excellent condition. This has resulted in the production of consistently high-quality fruit and wines beginning with the first vintage in 2001 and carrying through until present.

Trifon Estate Wines Business News Japan

Wine Making Techniques

Trifon Estate Wines values traditional winemaking techniques as well as modern technology. From providing the perfect, pristine fruit through to supplying packaged premium wine and everything in between they have the resources and economies of scale to provide high quality and cost-effective solution.

Trifon Estate Wines Business News Japan

Customized Wine Solutions

They also offer customized or bespoke wines due to a large, high-quality vineyard producing a wide range of premium fruit across a range of varieties, outstanding stocks of bulk wine, access to first class winemaking, and bottling facilities.

Currently, they offer bulk wine sales, brand and packaging development, private label supply, cleanskin supply, and buyers’ own brand supply.

Wine Export

Aside from producing and distributing their wines locally, they invested heavily on exporting their wines. One of their biggest markets is Japan of which they have recently won several Gold medal awards at the Japan Awards 2019. This is one among the many competitions that they have joined and of which they claimed victory.

Here are some of their award-winning wines:

Trifon Estate Wines Business News Japan

Trifon Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

A dark ruby red Cabernet Sauvignon with aromas of blackberries and hints of tobacco. It displays flavours of ripe dark berries with soft, full tannins. Full bodied and finishing with an array of berry flavours.




Trifon Estate Wines Business News Japan
Trifon Estate Merlot 2010
An elegant Merlot that is medium dark red in colour. Aromas of ripe plum and dark red cherries fill the bouquet. On the palate, there are flavours of black cherry, plum and hints of rich chocolate. Velvety tannins ensure a soft smooth mouthfeel finishing long with lu flavours of black cherry.




rifon Estate Wines Business News Japan


Lloyd’s Block Shiraz 2010

This Shiraz is a medium-dark purple colour.  It has fruity aromas of berries with an undertone of vanilla oak. A soft, well-balanced wine with flavours of berries that are duplicated on the palate.  The wine finishes soft and lingering.



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