BODEGAS TEMPORE : Respect For The Earth, Passion For Wine

Bodegas Tempore Business News Japan

Bodegas TEMPORE was born from the passion for wine and the vineyard of the Yago Aznar Family. A family winery based on the experience of four generations of vine growers who know their vineyards and know that the quality of a wine must be based on impeccable raw materials.

The Yago Aznar family belongs to this land, where generation after generation has worked in the fields, in the vineyards and know the extreme climate of the land of Lécera, the scarce rains, the winter winds and the hard work in the field.

Currently, it is the brothers Paula and Victor Yago Aznar who are at the head of the winery, each one contributing the best of himself, and forming with his parents and their families, a perfect gear that marks the rhythm of the winery.

Bodegas Tempore Business News Japan

Earth, Ecology, Family, and Quality

These are the four pillars that they work by. Cultivating family values, such as work, effort, perseverance, and optimism is what leads them to grow every day as people and as a company looking for an excellent product with deep roots in this land to take it to international markets.

EARTH:  Their roots are in their land and their most prized possession.

ECOLOGY:  They strive to be committed to the environment and to future generations. This is their work philosophy.

FAMILY: Their family is their greatest asset. Their secret is that their family makes a great team, combined with a large dose of optimism and consolidated experience.

QUALITY:  The wine is born in the strain, and from the stock to the bottle, every step of the process is taken care of and pampered with exigence and exquisiteness, seeking excellence.

Bodegas Tempore Business News Japan

Through the years, they have joined numerous wine competitions and they have won consistently. Recently, two of their wines bagged a gold and silver medal at the Japan Awards 2019.

Bodegas Tempore Business News Japan

SO₂ FREE Tinto Garnacha – Organic wine

100% Garnacha · Organic Young red wine made WITHOUT ADDED SULPHITES

Young wine produced from grapes grown in organic farming, and produced under strict controls that apply the ecological regulations in the winery. For this wine, a selection has been made by the hand of the best Garnacha grapes from different plots of our vineyard. A premium raw material.

Violet color and excellent intensity. Its shine denotes its youth and freshness. With a surprising aroma for its freshness and mix of red fruits and sweet strawberries.

The palate is fresh, agile in its step, with sweet and fresh notes. The acidity, well balanced with alcohol, makes it pleasant and with a long aftertaste.

Bodegas Tempore Business News Japan

GENERATION 76 Tempranillo

Variety: 100% Tempranillo Ecological Wine

Kind: Raised for 2 months in new 500l French Oak barrels

Through this wine, one can experience revolution. Without guidelines, without limits. Uncork and enjoy.

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