Tokyo coffee launches “poop” ice cream

Ice Cream News Japan

As you know, emoji “poop” comes in many forms. Jewelery, cushions, t-shirts, even the Play-Doh brand has released a special set of modeling clay.

In the land of the rising sun, toilets are technology jewels. Showers, self-cleaning, but also small soft music intended to cover the indelicates noises, a system of drying with hot air, a heated bezel with the adjustable temperature … A whole program.

Served in a toilet bowl
In Japan, the “Sweet XO Good Grief” coffee based in Tokyo launches an ice cream dedicated to the famous icon. Served in a special cup in the shape of a toilet, the “Poop” ice cream does not contain any faeces. The creamy ice cream is just a simple chocolate ice cream poured as it should to look like emoji. The eyes and mouth are candy and you can even customize your ice poop with a range of small sugar decorations. In short, a good WTF dessert that only Japan can imagine.

Price is about 650 yen per ice cream.