Kao launching first food supplement product in Japan under skincare brand est

Kao launching first food supplement by Business News Japan

On October 7, Kao will launch its first Food with Function Claims (FFC) item in Japan for its skincare and cosmetics business.

The medication, known as “est Liquid Supplement +,” comprises GABA and chlorogenic acids that are derived from coffee beans, a substance that the company has been researching extensively.

The Kao Group is concentrating on several brands in the worldwide cosmetics market, including est. Since the brand’s inception, we have consolidated it as a company that offers goods based on the most recent dermatological studies of Kao.

The firm provided an explanation for why it decided to develop the medication, stating that “recently, the number of people experiencing difficulty sleeping and difficult falling asleep is increasing due to changes in their lives.

It is advised to take the pomegranate-flavored supplement before bed in order to maintain peripheral body temperature, enhance skin elasticity, and improve sleep quality. Because the pomegranate-flavored supplement makes promises regarding enhancing sleep quality, preserving skin suppleness, and maintaining peripheral body temperature while you sleep, it is suggested that you take it before bed.

According to the company, while GABA supports skin elasticity and sleep quality, chlorogenic acids from coffee beans may aid to increase blood flow in cold weather.