Interview with MAMM Distillery : A family Oriented Craft Distillery from Pitomaca

MAMM obrt za proozvodnju jakih alkoholnih pića by Business News Japan

Pitomaa, a small Croatian village situated between the Drava River and the Bilogora mountains, is home to the modest, family-focused MAMM Distillery.

The brandies are largely made from premium fruits that are sourced from local suppliers and then distilled using ancient Croatian techniques, just like our great-grandparents did in the past.

The quality of the brandy itself is the focus of our product.

Our quince and plum brandies have been appreciated for their quality and depth of flavor by consumers and brand assessors since the beginning. They are also known for their distinctive packaging and peculiar names that are derived from ancient Greek history.

In the interview shared below, we gain insights into the company’s products with a fresh perspective on the values and qualities producer is looking for in the production journey.

Q. What is the core product of Your brand?

A. We believe that core product is the love and passion we invest in traditional brandy production. Homemade craft product is something worth investing in nowadays.

Q. Tell us about the process Your product goes through, from sourcing to the packaging phase?

A. The process begins with the harvesting of fruit in our orchard. We then wash, puree and grind the fruit for fermentation with the addition of oenology, the only modern part of production. After the fruit ripens, we begin distillation. After a certain time, we re-distill the soft brandy that we get. Brandy is aged for several months. After that we manually bottle the brandy, tick the labels and wax the corks. Then it’s ready.

Q. What are the qualities You are looking for when creating Your product?

A. Our fruit must be of high quality, as well as the preparation of fruit and distillation in order to get the best brandy. Then there are the labels that tell a special story about each type of brandy.

Q. What makes Your product better than the one of Your competitor?

A. We put emphasis on quality of the brandy, it’s appearance, and we invested a lot of time, effort and learning to reach this level. We want to convey to customers the pleasure of drinking premium brandy, the richness of fruit aroma that we have grown ourselves.

Q. What is the greatest challenge You’ve encountered while creating Your product?

A. The challenge was in everything. From permits, coordinating ideas, time, getting the right recipe for brandy that customers will love and appreciate in a country like Croatia, where many people make brandy at home, especially in Pitomača, where we come from, and beyond.

The company has recently been awarded in JAPAN Awards competition:

Damaskino, Plum brandy, 40% alk, 2021

Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

Eudokia, Quince brandy, 40% alk, 2021

Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

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