Interview with Brunello di Montalcino Poggiarellino – Azienda Agraria Poggiarellino di Ginotti Lodovico : Wine made by passion, love and maximum care of the terroir

Brunello di Montalcino Poggiarellino by Business News Japan

Poggiarellino Farm is located in a pleasant and peaceful corner of the Senese countryside, among the old and famous Val d’Orcia’s hills.

The farm extension amounts nearly to thirty acres: three of them are dedicated to Brunello vineyards, the others are shared out between a small wood, olive trees and a portion fit for seed.

The main activities carried out in our farm were the breeding and the wine, cereal and forage production; beside these, and due to the centuried mulberry plantation already standing around the fields, we know that they practiced even the silkworm breeding and the flax and hemp growing.

Then, during the past twentieth century, the agricultural techniques changed deeply.

The intensive method of cultivation prevailed, due to the market request, and the farm was entirely dedicated to the growing of genuine, high standard, selected products.
Nowadays our wines, the Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino are the last and clear expression of this new rural philosophy.

In the interview shared below, we gain insights into the winery products with a fresh perspective on the values and qualities producer is looking for in the production journey.

Q. What is the core product of Your brand?

A. The core product of our brand is the Brunello di Montalcino DOCG

Q. Tell us about the process Your product goes through, from sourcing to the packaging phase?

A. Our product, in the past 25 years, is the result of a very accurate care of the vineyards and comes out from a strict selection of the best grapes we grow and work manually, from the sourcing to the vinery process.
Our wine is a firm red wine, with cherry notes and equilibrate tannins, aged almost 4 years in medium tonnage oak barrels and 6 months in the glass, after bottling, we process with no filtration. Our wine is ca. 14,5% alcohol traditional Brunello, very long lasting, great to accompany meat, dry cheese, and game courses.”

Q. What are the qualities You are looking for when creating Your product?

A. The main quality we are aiming to while producing our wine is the genuineness, the plenty of flavours and taste. Variability of the taste and flavours amid different years is, in our perspective, the result of the different vintage years’ climate and soil conditions, which make every year so special and unique.

Q.  What makes Your product better than the one of Your competitor?

A. Our product is made from passion, love and maximum care of the terroir, nevertheless we cannot say that it is necessarily better then the others.

Q. What is the greatest challenge You’ve encountered while creating Your product?

A. Big, evergreen, challenge we encounter every year is to make our customers aware of the love and passion we feel while producing our beloved Brunello. We want to share with them such a feeling every time they drink a bottle of our wine all around the world.

The winery has recently been awarded in JAPAN Awards competition:

Brunello di Montalcino 2016 DOCG

Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

Winery details:

Azienda Agricola Poggiarellino

Loc. Poggiarellino
53024 Montalcino (SI)

Tel/Fax: 039/(0)577/848726


P. IVA 00704460526