Casca Wines Produção e Comercialização de Vinhos, S.A : Producer of Organic and Vegan Wines, a unique and incomparable wines

Casca Wines Produção e Comercialização de Vinhos, S.A : Producer of Organic and Vegan Wines, a unique and incomparable wines by Business News Japan

Casca Wines is distinguished by its reverence for and love of nature, always striving to source the greatest grapes and make the best wines.

Casca Wines is a project of oenologists and wine specialists who decided to create a high quality Portuguese wine brand. A project that only works with the best grapes and tries to renew Portugal’s unique culture in winemaking.

Casca Wines was launched in 2008, and its initial wines were produced in an 1808 cellar. As a tribute, and because they were founded in 2008, exactly 200 years later, they created the brand 1808 Portugal, which symbolizes the progress and continual challenges they face. It is a wine brand through which they have reiterated their ideals of ecosystem sustainability and gone even further, providing organic and vegan certification of practically all wines produced by their winemaking staff, and signed with the seal “evolutionary winemaker, Hélder Cunha,” their founder.

Monte Cascas is a winery that was created to go above and beyond. More than a farm, more than a region. It’s a brand dedicated to finding the best grapes of each variety from the most dedicated grape producers, with the goal of creating blended wines that represent each of Portugal’s DOC wine areas. As a result, they understand and respect the traditions of local producers as they travel across valleys and mountains from north to south of the country, producing the best wine with them, thereby ensuring their enology concept, the “expression of the terroir.”

Casca Wines recently participated in the JAPAN Wines & Spirits Awards 2021 and achieved recognition for the following products:

Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

1808 Portugal Colheita Organic White – 60% Síria, 30% Malvasia Fina & 10% Fonte Cal – 2020

Tasting Notes:

Color –Soft yellow
Nose – Light floral and sweet aroma.
Palate- Tropical and fruity with balance and structure. Final medium and elegant mouth flavor.

1808 Portugal Reserva Organic Red – 50% Tinta Roriz (Tempranillo) & 50% Touriga Nacional- 2018

Tasting Notes:

Color – Deep purple red
Nose – Look for black fruit, rock rose, cereals, coffee and chocolate.
Palate- Full bodied, complex with black fruit notes & rock rose. Firm estructure, elegant and with a mouth final.

Monte Cascas Colheita Douro DOC Red – 60% Touriga Nacional, 30% Touriga Franca & 10% Tinta Roriz – 2019

Tasting Notes:
Color – Deep purple red
Nose – On the nose look for Orange blossom, rock rose, black fruit, coffee and chocolate.
Palate – On the palate, plum and ripe cherry. Balanced structure in a persistent finish.

Monte Cascas Colheita Douro DOC White – 50% Códega de Larinho, 30% Gouveio & 20% Viosinho – 2019

Tasting Notes: 

Color – Lemon
Nose – Apricot, peach, white flowers & pear notes.
Palate – Stone fruit and lemon. Balanced, medium bodied with a persistent finish.

Awarded Silver by Business News Japan

1808 Portugal Colheita Organic Red – 80% Tinta Roriz; 15% Touriga Nacional & 5% Rufete – 2020

Tasting Notes:

Color – Red
Nose – Spices and red fruits.
Palate- Red fruit, black pepper notes. Balanced, medium bodied with persistent finish.

1808 Portugal Colheita Organic Rosé – 80% Tinta Roriz, 15% Touriga Nacional & 5% Rufete – 2020

Casca Wines is the market leader in Organic and Vegan Wines in Portugal, and a manufacturer of unique and incomparable wines with over a decade of experience and products in more than 30 markets across the world:  Brazil, Canada, USA, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Angola, China, East Timor, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, UAE.

You can learn more about Casca Wines by visiting their website, which can be found by clicking HERE.