SAS Vignobles Jaubert : A traditional viticulture with a modern spirit

SAS Vignobles Jaubert : A traditional viticulture with a modern spirit by Business News Japan

SAS Vignobles Jaubert are able to create high-quality wines while still being environmentally conscious and concerned about the preservation of their family’s terroir, thanks to a combination of traditional and modern processes.

The wines of SAS Vignobles Jaubert are the product of a combination of microclimates and geological contexts that allow diverse grape varieties to fully express themselves. Human experience, a legacy of family know-how passed down from father to son over many generations, is added to this.

SAS Vignobles Jaubert owes its human experience to a qualified staff of 11 personnel with an average seniority of 15 years and the most experienced of whom have worked for them for more than 30 years. Wine and wine-making gear now require large and recurring expenditures as techniques and equipment have improved.

SAS Vignobles Jaubert is in charge of the entire process, from grape cultivation to wine marketing.

The L’Entre-Deux-Mers plateau is home to SAS Vignobles Jaubert estates that benefit from the Bordeaux appellation. This forty-meter-thick limestone plateau lies south of Bordeaux, between the Garonne and the Dordogne rivers.

All SAS Vignobles Jaubert wines from their Graves vineyards are vinified in their Saint-Selve cellars.

From Langon to the city gates of Bordeaux, the Graves appellation area stretches along the left bank of the Garonne. The Graves are gravel and pebble deposits deposited by the Garonne, which are typically mixed with sand and clay. It is France’s sole appellation whose name comes from its geological origins. These gravels are arranged in a succession of gently sloping terraces that get older as you travel further away from the river.
The bass is unique in that it stores heat from the sun’s rays in order to disperse it at night. This thermal equilibrium ripens the grapes to their full potential, resulting in smells of candied red fruits.

Very recently, SAS Vignobles Jaubert has joined JAPAN Wines, Spirits and Beers Competition and won two gold medals in this competition. Here are the list of wines that won in this competition:


Awarded Gold by Business News Japan


Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

Château Mont Saint Pey is the original vineyard of the Jaubert family. This property develops on a clay-limestone soil and a limestone subsoil with Asterias which make all the particularity of this area. Rainwater passes through the clay and seeps through limestone faults to form underground rivers. This hydrogeological system perfectly drains the soil, the roots of the vine are deployed on the limestone rock where they draw all the mineral elements. Its location in the Euille valley gives it the autumn freshness necessary for the particular development of the Sauvignon and Merlot aromatic complex.

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