X 37 Grados Norte S.L. : Produce Premium Olive Oil of the Highest Quality

X 37 Grados Norte S.L. : Produce Premium Olive Oil of the Highest Quality by Business News Japan

X 37 grados north S.L. is a family-owned firm that has been active in the world of oil and olive trees for centuries, with headquarters and a base in Priego de Córdoba, the place that gives the oil its name, as the coordinates of this Córdoba area are X 37o 32′ N; and 4o 19’W.

The species variety and abundance in the region where we are assumed to be. This natural resource, along with the DNA of ancient specimens from a typical olive grove growing at high altitude and on dry soil, ensures high-quality production while also fostering sustainable growth.

X 37 Grados Norte SL pays homage to not only these historic and indigenous specimens, but also to environmentally responsible and considerate techniques. They enjoy being outside while delivering a well-balanced, high-quality product.


X 37 Grados Norte SL’s goal is to manufacture a premium oil that is always made from the local picuda olive. As a result, they are able to maintain a century-old plantation, utilize chemical materials sparingly, work to safeguard the environment, and follow tradition. They also make every effort to protect the biodiversity of the area.

Because of our respect for the soil, plants, and fruit, we have had to forego some of the production in favor of quality.

The agricultural duties aid in the growth and health of the plants that will later provide their best gift: a large, vivid, intense green olive that opens into a round, fruity, and highly scented oil.

Very recently, X 37 grados norte S.L. has been recognized and awarded Gold Medal Award by Business News Japan :


XY is an extremely complex and intense fruity extra virgin olive oil. Very balanced in terms of bitterness / itching.

It has a beautiful golden yellow color, limpid, intense, with delicate green hues .

Its first aroma is broad and resounding, rich in fruity notes, always green, such as apple and banana. Alloza. But also vegetables: tomato, along with fragrant notes of basil, mint and parsley. Citrus aromas (lemongrass herbs, green grapefruit skin, etc.) stand out.

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