Famous Istrian Wines and Brandies of the Vina Rossi Wine Cellar & distillery

Famous Istrian Wines and Brandies of the Vina Rossi Wine Cellar & distillery by Business News Japan

Since 1885, the Rossi family’s winery and distillery in Istria has kept the historic tradition alive by producing and selling wines and distillates.

The Istrian town of Viinada, which stands above the Mirna valley and gives one of the most stunning views of Blue and Green Istria, will undoubtedly enchant you with the scent of cake during the Sweet Istria festival. Since 1885, the Rossi family has been cultivating indigenous Istrian wine varietals on the fertile “white” terrain of the sunny slopes of Viinada and the southern slopes of the river Mirna. Wines of remarkable quality such as Istrian Malvasia, Teran, Refok, Chardonnay, Muscat Yellow, and Cabernet Sauvignon are produced thanks to the ideal climatic conditions of this traditional wine area and a strong devotion and affection for agriculture and winemaking.

The Rossi family’s wines are made on a total of 12 hectares of self-planted and modern vines. The Rossi family now runs a contemporary production and professional firm. The wine cellar can hold up to ten wagons of wine and produces both premium and table wines. This prestigious wine family’s passion for wine and vineyards, as well as the mixture of tradition and current technology required to produce high-quality wines, are the culmination of many years of winemaking and viticulture. They try to satisfy the most discerning wine lovers and tasters by offering a diverse selection of high-quality wines.

The Rossi winery employs cutting-edge presses, handles, bariques for integrated vinification, and chilled stainless steel barrels, as well as a fully automated filling, closing, and labeling process. The wines are matured in bottles for a specified period of time in the final manufacturing cycle to get the best quality. The entire process of producing high-quality Rossi wines was closely monitored and synchronized with the Agricultural Advisory Service’s suggestions, resulting in great yields and top wines whose quality was confirmed by true wine enthusiasts and lovers of fine wine. The major goal of the prestigious Rossi winery is to produce high-quality wines while also maintaining a lengthy heritage by adding new items to the mix. Rossi wines are the best example of what may be described as a marriage of tradition and innovative thought in winemaking. And it’s their unique, almost adoring attitude toward old, indigenous Istrian wine types that makes their products so appealing. Because the Rossi family is committed to producing wines from “small” varieties that may be enjoyed anywhere in the world.

The wine is made in its own cellar from hand-picked grapes using traditional methods blended with contemporary technology, and has won gold medals at wine competitions. The cellar features a rustic tasting room with roughly 40 seats where customers can sample wines and distillates. Traditional Istrian brandies such as Biska, Medenica, Erba luigia, Lozovaa yellow muscat, Komovica Istrian Malvasia, Ruta, Travarica, Teranino, Komovica cabernet sauvignon, and Komovica chardonnay can all be tasted with top-quality Rossi wines.

Very recently, O. Rossi, obrt za poljoprivredu has been recognized and awarded THREE GOLD Medal Award and SILVER Medal Award by Business News Japan.

Nostromo GIN

Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

Teranino-Red Wine Liquor

Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

PELINKOVAC Epulon-Bitter Sweet Liquor

Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

Malvazija Istarska-Malvazija Istarska/Hrvatska Istra-2019

Awarded Silver by Business News Japan

Come refresh your spirit and body with the Rossi wine cellar and distillery’s famous Istrian wines and brandies. Each of their bottles contains pleasure, and the Rossi family wants you to partake in it and enjoy it with them.

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