VINESCENCE : 100% Organic Range of Beaujolais Wines

VINESCENCE : 100% Organic Range of Beaujolais Wines by Business News Japan

Vinescence is a major player in the Beaujolais region, having been established in 1929 by a small group of winegrowers in order to face the deep crisis. Vinescence is able to offer the entire range of Beaujolais wines thanks to 310 growers covering 1200 hectares. Vinescence has growers in all of the Beaujolais appellations and crus. Vinescence offers a wide range of single estate or single vineyard wines, all of which are available from a single loading stage.

Today ½ of their production is done under High Environmental Value Certification and in 2021 Vinescence will have their first production of 100% organic Beaujolais wines.

Vinescence is the only producer in the world who can sell you the entire range of Beaujolais wines (all Crus, Beaujolais, and Beaujolais Villages) produced in-house.

Very recently, Vinescence has been recognized and awarded FOUR GOLD Medal Award by Business News Japan.

BOURGOGNE GAMAY AOP – Gamay 100% – Burgundy – 2020

Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

Vineyard : From the Domaine des Hospices de Beaujeu of 81HA with a South-East exposure. Gamay noir grape with white juice.

Vinification : Manual harvest with selective sorting on the plot. Traditional semi-carbonic fermentation lasting 11 to 13 days with temperature control. Aging in barrels for at least 6 months (French oak).

Tasting : Fairly intense carmine red color, nose of forest fruits delicately highlighted by wood. Fresh attack where we find the raspberry notes, all in freshness with a beautiful finesse at the end of the mouth.

Côte de Brouilly AOP – Gamay 100% – Beaujolais – 2020

Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

Protected from the rains by the Colline de Brouilly, where the Gamay grapes rise, the vines are located at an altitude of between 275 and 325 meters. These old vines cultivated in goblets, a traditional method of cultivation of Beaujolais, are located on steep slopes favoring their natural drainage. The sandy loam soils result from the physico-chemical alteration of diorites (blue stones).

The vines are operated in sustainable agriculture, with the constant concern of perfectly controlling inputs and amendments.

Vineyard: Gamay noir grape with white juice. Primary education. This area is exposed due east.

Vinification: Manual harvest with selective sorting on the plot, traditional semi-carbonic vatting lasting 9 to 11 days with temperature control.

Tasting: Beautiful purple color. Aromas with intense nuances of cherry, blueberries, blackcurrant, mixed with liquorice and coffee. The palate is fine, harmonious and vinous.

Beaujolais Blanc AOP – 100% Chardonnay – Beaujolais 2020

Awarded Silver by Business News Japan

Beaujolais gathers all the aromas of its terroir and offers them simply with freshness and lightness. This flagship appellation delivers authentic, sincere wines to be shared like good humor. Wines that can be drunk all year round to take full advantage of their aromatic power and their sustained bouquet, with a floral and fruity tendency.

Vineyard: 100% Chardonnay grape. Clay-limestone soil. Vines of about 30 years, cut in goblet style.

Vinification: Manual harvest with sorting on the plot, skin maceration (3h). 48h settling. Aging in stainless steel vats.

Tasting: Clear color. Flattering and complex nose reminiscent of exotic fruits (grapefruit, pineapple). The palate, round and fleshy, is of incomparable finesse.

Interview of Business News Japan to Mr. Philippe MARX – Sales Manager

Do you already export to JAPAN ? If yes, where ? If no, what type of importers & distributors are you looking for in JAPAN ? 

Yes we have several partners in Japan with distribution in each segment of the market ( Internet sales ; Off and On Trade) – we do also private labels for our customers – Japan is in our top 5 export markets.

What is the most unique and qualitative part of your products, different from competitors ? 

A unique selection of single vineyards and single estate wines next to our regular generic wines.  We are able to propose our partner a complete assortment covering all the versatility of the Beaujolais Appellations in the strict respect of the individuality of each of the single 12 appellations of the region. The quality of our wines is recognized with around 25 to 30 awards per year on  national or international contests.

When did you start to export your brand worldwide, and what is your development plan for the next years ?  

We started around 20 years ago and today Export represents 40% of our sales and we are distributed in around 30 countries in the World.

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