EU Trade Agreement Boosts Wine Imports to Japan

EU Trade Agreement Boosts Wine Imports to Japan

Japan’s Economic Partnership Agreement with the European Union has fostered a big increase in sparkling wine imports from countries like France, Spain, and Italy.

Toasting over a glass of sparkling white wine is a sure way to enliven any gathering. Imports of sparkling wine to Japan have rebounded from the slump that followed the global economic crisis to become a favorite among drinkers. Compared to 2010, consumption has more than doubled.

The Economic Partnership Agreement that the European Union and Japan entered in February 2019 has led to a major increase in shipments of sparkling wine from countries like France, Spain, and Italy, with imports increasing year on year by around 20%.

Imports from Spain in particular have risen sharply to around 12,700 kiloliters, nearly three times as much as the 4,600 kiloliters imported in 2009. Sparkling cava wine, mainly from Catalonia, is now regularly consumed among Japanese households, since it is cheaper than French champagne but made in the same way.

Removal of tariffs also led to imports of still wine from France, Italy, and Spain rising by 10% each year on year. However, Chile edged out France to remain the top still wine exporter to Japan for the fifth straight year.

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