Japan’s first gourmet restaurant delivery app launches

Japan’s first gourmet restaurant delivery app launches

Gourmet restaurant delivery app Food-e has launched in central Tokyo, the first digital solution of its kind in Japan.

Food-e offers food delivery service from a collection of Tokyo’s top restaurants, including Nobu Tokyo, Elio Locanda, Oak Door, Shunbou and Chinaroom. All restaurants on the delivery app are exclusive to the platform.

Food-e is also the first delivery app offering bilingual customer service to both restaurants and users in Japan.

According to the company, food will be delivered in high-quality packaging, with hot and cold items separated to ensure temperature control.

During the first phase of its launch, Food-e is only available in a 5km radius of Nishi Azabu. The company said it will roll out in other parts of Tokyo and major Japanese cities in near future.

This article was recently published by Tong Van of https://insideretail.asia/.