FOSS BEVERAGE : Finest Quality Premium Blended Irish Whiskey

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Foss Beverage premium spirits are often made too complicated and this is where Foss Beverage are different. Excellent quality, great designs, competitive pricing and flexibility.

Foss Beverage blended whisky is a smooth tasting true scotch whisky made with the best ingredients and purest water. The master blend of flavors are a experience that you have to try!

Very recently, Foss Beverage has joined Business News Japan Awards 2020 and won a Gold Medal in this prestigious competition:

RebelCity blended Irish Whiskey

Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

Rebelcity Irish blended whiskey Blended Irish whiskey, aged 3 years in bourbon cask is a premium blended containing 75% grain Irish whiskey & 25% malt Irish whiskey.  Patiently matured in first fill bourbon casks to deliver a smooth, subtle and quintessential Irish whiskey. Flavorful triple distilled Irish Whiskey is a testament to the true whiskey craftsmanship.

Colour:            Light oak
Aroma:            Malt, slight citrus, cracked pepper
Taste:               Malt, lingering sweetness, citrus, apple and nutmeg

Foss Beverage are very excited to have you visit their website and learn more about their fantastic products. For more information visit FOSS Beverage HERE: