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Icario is one of the leading producers of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

The history began in 1999 and is characterized by family passion, the pursuit of quality, love for art, design and respect for the territory. Since 2015 Icario has been part of the Holding of Dr. Helmut Rothenberger based in Anif, Austria. Helmut, with deep conviction, makes Icario an expression of his terroir and his individual characteristics. In this he is helped by all his collaborators who share with him the passion for viticulture and respect for nature. Icario is in Montepulciano, in a corner of Tuscany on the border with Umbria, a corner that still retains all its authenticity and unspoiled beauty. Territory where there are no large factories but small shops, craftsmen and culture of hospitality.

Montepulciano is a small town perfectly preserved so as to be nicknamed “Pearl of the Renaissance” for its beautiful Renaissance buildings. Center of art, music and rich in historical evidence, Montepulciano is also one of the oldest areas of wine production.

Already at the time of the Etruscans, wine was produced in Montepulciano as evidenced by the finds in the Etruscan tombs of the place. There are numerous documents from later periods starting from 789 (bequest of the cleric Arnipert) which testify to the wine vocation of Montepulciano.

Icarius covers 51 hectares. of which 22 ha. are vineyards arranged amphitheatrically around our cellar, at an altitude of 450 meters.

On the basis of pedological studies conducted by Dr. Francesco Lizio, knows everything about Icario vineyards and they work in such a way as to respect and enhance their morphological characteristics.

Icario practice precision viticulture which includes:
– The drastic reduction of chemical agents in terms of quantity and frequency of use
– Use of the technique of peeling the vines to promote air circulation and reduce the onset of diseases
– Constant monitoring of the water values ​​of the plants

Icario also favor:
– The growth of legumes in the vineyards to maintain good soil fertility and feed it with more nutrients
– Mulching of the vineyards to preserve the soil’s fertility in the long term

We respect our plants and work to ensure they can live long and for this reason we follow the Simonit & Sirch pruning method which involves small cuts to the plants, during pruning, to encourage the flow of the sap and avoid the presence of bacteria as happens in the presence of deep cuts.

Icario is a Holistic Precision Agriculture.

Icario vineyards are divided into two macro areas, those higher (400 – 450 m) characterized by the presence of tuff and sand while those lower (300 m) have a higher percentage of clays.

Tuff and sand are optimal for growing Sangiovese grapes (or Prugnolo Gentile as it is called in Montepulciano) while those with greater presence of clay are more suitable for international vines such as Merlot.

Very recently, ICARIO SOC.AGR.ARL has been recognized and awarded by Business News Japan Awards 2020 and won Two Gold Medal Awards and a Silver Medal Award in this prestigious competition:


Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

Tasting Notes :Intense ruby ​​red with purple reflections. Scents of ripe red fruit, some hints of vanilla. Equilibrium. Fresh and harmonious. A wine to be consumed young.


Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

Tasting Notes : Intense and deep ruby ​​with an almost impenetrable color. Strong complexity, aromas of ripe fruit, cassis and raspberry, embellished with elegant hints of tobacco, chocolate and sweet spices. Enveloping, with great structure and elegance, the tannins make it extremely suitable even for very long aging.


Awarded Silver by Business News Japan

Tasting Notes : Intense and deep ruby ​​red with light garnet hues. Intensity, balance and persistence. Aromas of cherry and morello cherry on elegant balsamic and spicy notes. In the mouth it is broad and enveloping, balanced and fine body.

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