VALLE DE LA PUERTA S.A : Unique Valley with Great Wines, State of the Art Winery

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“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives” by William A. Foster

In 1994, Valle de la Puerta was established and it is located in the Famatina Valley, approximately 754 miles North West from Buenos Aires by road.

The property sits between the Famatina and Velasco mountain ranges, which branch off the impressive Andes. This unique valley offers a magnificent visual backdrop and provides well-drained topsoil.

A dry environment with warm days and cool nights. Abudance of water deep below the surface ensures that water is available when needed. Ideally suited to producing both earlier ripening crisp white varieties as well as intensely flavoured reds with great depth of flavour, wonderful elegance and vibrant character.

The winery was built in 2002 to meet all the needs of modern winemaking, all stainless tanks and equipment,  adequate chilling and cooling, pneumatic bag press, controlled fermentation temperature, high quality wood treatments, pure yeast culture and inert gas use.

This technology gives Valle de la Puerta team a huge say in the management and control of the quality of the wine.

The winery started operations with the HACCP standards as part of its management ethos and Best Manufacturing Practices are in place to guarantee full traceability and quality control.

Very recently, Valle de la Puerta has joined Business News Japan Awards 2020 and won a GOLD Medal in this prestigious competition:


Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

Intense ruby red colour with burgundy reflections. Aromas of coffee, plum jam, ripe fruit, liquorice and cinnamon are intertwined with notes of vanilla and a touch of mint. On the palate it is soft, with a medium body and sweet tannins that give it a long and elegant finish.

Benito Quinquela Martin, one of Argentina’s most famous artists, was an orphan born in La Boca, a neighbourhood he loved and never left. At the time La Boca was a collection of tin houses and bleak remnants of what once was a busy port. When Benito wasn’t unloading heavy sacks of coal from nearby ships, he used a lump of the black stuff to draw on any piece of scrap he could find lying around. This practice would carry onto his work even after becoming internationally successful: he sketched with coal and applied paint to canvas with a spatula he fashioned out of the sort bricklayers use.

Quinquela’s imagination saw through the dull shades of grey of La Boca’s tin structure. He walked around the neighbourhood and imagined a vibrant port full of colourful ships, where men could always find work. Then, after daydreaming as long as he found necessary, painted his dreams with a haste so intense it can still be felt through his work.

Benito was at times a coal worker, at others a vagrant; a successful artist and a philanthropist – If you asked him, he was just a painter of ships.

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