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The Nannoni distillery was born in 1973 from the happy intuition of the Master Distiller Gioacchino Nannoni, who, in a region where there was still no culture and care of the marc, gave rise to the “farm grappa”, first enhancing the pomace of Brunello della nearby Montalcino assisted by the two partners Rossana and Morena.

The distillery has continued to establish itself up to the present day, not thanks to a generational succession, but by “election”, without continuity: from the founder to the Master Distiller Priscilla Occhipinti, from the “wizard among stills” to the “Grand Duchess of Tuscany Superalcoholic “, which since 1997 boasts of distilling all production with its own hands and three discontinuous stills.

Developed for its main activity of processing for third parties, it produces exclusively from fresh marc, distilling everything in the strict period of the harvests and from high quality raw materials whose collection is carried out exclusively for batches destined for the production of brandies in the quantities of customer interest. No national or European aid to distillation has ever been received, in order to select the best products with the sole aim of obtaining the highest quality.

For the most prestigious companies the “selection” processing is carried out which consists in the separate distillation of the marc with traceability of the raw materials up to the distillate; this allows the customer to refer to the exclusive production on the label.
The duration of aging has always been documented by the Customs Agency, therefore it is possible to report it on the packaging.

Since 2016 certification has been introduced for “Bio” producer customers. The high quality of the spirits produced is also confirmed by the number of awards unique in the world: from 2011 to 2020 over 148 international gold and double gold medals.

These important results continue to entice the winemakers to take care of and select the batches of marc, rewarding them with unique spirits and thus perpetuating the fame of the world of our distillery in addition to the market success of their products.

Nannoni distillates are present in the most renowned clubs and wine bars, from Japan to America, from Hawaii to Korea, from China to the North Cape; the customers are those prestigious companies that represent good made in Italy drinking in the world.

These are the prerogatives that make our spirits: excellent spirits for excellent spirits®

Very recently, Nannoni Grappe Srl has been recognized and awarded Two gold and a Silver Medal by Business News Japan Awards 2020.

BRANDY ITALIA 5 ANNI – Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

GRAPPA DI BRUNELLO RISERVA 5 ANNI – Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

Awarded Silver by Business News Japan


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