MorrisCookies Science & Development Ltd : The first Acrylamide-free Baking Solution

MorrisCookies Science & Development Ltd

The first Acrylamide-free Baking Solution which developed by Morris Cookies in 2017 after 5 years research and development and has been scientifically proven by SGS Lab in 2017 April, the new baking solution included free from preservatives and additives, it was awarded throughout four continents worldwide.

Driving the industry forwards towards a better, more ethical future the Company developed to optimize the interactions between plants, animals, humans and the environment while taking into consideration the social aspects that need to be addressed for a productivity, stability, sustainability and equitability fair food system.

At Morris Cookies, they are striving to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation;


Food Design is not food styling, our Design & Development leads to concept of ingredients, innovation on products, system of production, packaging of transportation, eating habit and aim to enrich the quality of life.


Morris Cookies turn the innovation ideas into scientifically proven and technologically driven. They have been responsible for truly ground-breaking discoveries and standards, such as Acrylamide-free baking solution, it’s about the solution from Tradition to Innovation.


Millions of children become ill from the food they eat, you can’t see, smell, or taste harmful bacteria that may cause illness. When you have safety food preparation in every step, then food additives and chemical reaction will be the most important consideration.


Occupational Therapists often suggest using clay to work on hand strength, but why not cookie dough (kids safe cookie dough). Cookies making help kids in Bilateral Coordination, Eye-Hand Coordination, Hand Strengthening, Spatial Perception and Planning Skills and it links to Sensory Processing. Sensory information comes to the brain from The eyes, The ears, The nose and tongue, The skin, Without it, we not be able to function effectively.

This 2020, Morris Salad Cookies have been recognized and awarded gold by Japan Business News Japan Taste Awards 2020.

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