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Dossenheimer Padre Brau Business News Japan

Dossenheimer Padres Bräu is a small brewing factory, located in the northwestern part of Baden-Württemberg between Frankfurt and Strasbourg. Brewer Boris Konradi has been producing his high-quality fruit beers since 2016. In 2017, the Wheatpagner Fabienne was honored with platinum at the MEININGERS Craft Beer Award. Further international Awards followed.

The Padres Bräu premium fruit beers are brewing masterpieces made with fine hops and malts as well as selected fruits and berries from the region. The exclusive and limited fruit beers are refined and fermented with special champagne, wine, and sherry yeasts.

Surprisingly good for your customers in the upscale gastronomy: The complex fruit beers are the perfect fit to be served as an aperitif, to the main course or as dessert – as a very special alternative to the well-known wine accompaniment:

Wheatpagner Fabienne is an aperitif beer. The basic beer is a wheat beer, which was fermented with a Cuvee from white grape juice from the Dossenheimer vineyards together with champagne yeast. In terms of taste, the beer convinces with a balance of fruitiness – passion fruit, grapefruit and gooseberry – and malt aroma. The carbonated content is 11 g/ liter – which produces an intensive mouthfeel of freshness comparable to a glass of sparkling wine or champagne.

Maltwine Sauvage is the perfect accompaniment to the main course, e. g. to venison dishes. The basic beer is a Barley wine that has been fermented with red grapes, sour cherries and a combination of fruity red yeast and wild yeast. Subsequently, the fruit beer was stored on wooden chips (including Chinese cinnamon and cherry wood), creating soft, slightly earthy nuances. Caramel, cherry blossom, and cassis underline the velvety, red-wine accents.

Malt Dessert Olivier visually comes in rich cherry color. The dessert beer was brewed with sour cherries, blackcurrants, and blackberries and then fermented with a sherry yeast. Olivier has a slight bitterness and a harmonious residual sweetness. The fine fruit play creates a balanced acidity. A holistic sensory experience.

Dossenheimer Padre Brau Business News Japan

Dossenheimer Padre Brau Business News Japan

They don’t export to Japan as of the moment – until now. But they are very open-minded to cooperate with a premium-beer buyer from Japan. As their high-end fruit beers have certain pricing, probably the distributor should have contacts to the upscale gastronomy, five stars hotel industry or/ and wine retailers, etc.

Fruit beers are very seldom, especially in Germany – because of the German Reinheitsgebot. Dossenheimer Padres Bräu gained special permission to brew and name his beers “fruit beers”. This fact is absolutely special about Padres Bräu. Beyond that, brewer Boris Konradi creates his premium beers with the best regional ingredients in an intensive process of brewing. All his high-end beers are individually created like his Wheatpagner Fabienne that won a lot of international trophies yet.

They have just started to export their brand and high premium-fruit beers – just now. They felt deeply honored and grateful that they have won so many Because we are deeply honored and grateful that we won so many awards and gained recognition in Japan and in China as well.

Their mission for the next years is to convince wine drinkers worldwide that their classy Dossenheimer Padres Bräu fruit beers offer as much complexity and fun drinking as the world of wine.

Dossenheimer Padre Brau Business News Japan


They have also been awarded a gold medal at the recent Japan Awards 2019, adding to their existing awards.