Weingut Linden: Love Affair with Wine

The Linden family knew that they are destined to be winemakers. For more than 200 years, this family has been committed to this art and devotes undivided attention to it for generations. The love of wine is unchanged in the Linden family. Guided by the principle of absolute quality, Josef Linden today steers the fate of the winery.

The objective for both is the search for complex Rieslings with character and the unmistakable impressions of the terroir. According to the motto “quality instead of quantity”, Laurentiuslay and Bruderschaft greatly reduced their yields and created wines par excellence through the meticulous selection and holistic cultivation.

The uncompromising work with wild yeasts as an important contribution of the grapes from their vineyards and a long fermentation time influenced the style of the winery Linden very much and could convince the wines for many wine friends and experts alike.

Weingut Linden Business News Japan

Only a few hundred meters from the Brotherhood, the mountain situation changes to the southwest. Here the evening sun shines on dark, oily slate soil that has been inhabited by vines for centuries.

The plants owe their name to St. Lawrence and, through their longevity, can accompany a family of winemakers for many generations.

The rich, dense structure, for example, characterizes the cabinet, which gives the fruit and flowers its unmistakable spiciness. The wines with melting structures and the delicately balanced acidity are ideal companions to end the evening by the fireplace.

Weingut Linden Business News Japan

They don’t export to Japan as of the moment, however, they are actively looking for a general importer to sell and distribute their wines.

They started exporting their wines in the year 2008 right after the transfer of business from the patriarch, Robert Linden to Josef. They currently sell their wines to the U.S. and many European countries and are looking for further export possibilities.

Their edge over their competitors is they absolutely try to reach the best possible quality of grapes in their vineyards. This is their main focus and in order for them to reach its goal, they use a combination of very traditional methods and organic workwise.

The valley of the river Mosel offers perfect conditions to produce unique grapes. Due to a mild climate and rather cold nights in summer their wines are very fresh and low in alcohol but incredibly dense and aromatic. That’s why the Mosel wines have gained huge popularity all over the world.

The Riesling vineyards are partly up to 70 years old. These old vines produce only a small quantity of grapes, but the quality of the later wines is outstanding. All wines are fermented by „wild“ yeasts in order to obtain the highest possible complexity. Due to the combination of a very healthy upbringing of the vines, the integration of an ecologic working environment and very traditional production, their wines are so distinctive.

Weingut Linden Business News Japan


Many of the wines have gained awards in international competitions and are convincing wine connoisseurs in different countries. The unique lightness and the minerality are the particularities of the Linden wines.

They have been awarded a gold medal at the recent Japan Awards 2019, adding to their existing awards.

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