Chateau de Brague: the BORDEAUX SUPERIEUR

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Château de Brague is a Château du Bordelais, in the heart of an exceptional vineyard, which works every day to produce a bottle of authentic and high-quality wine.

For three generations, the same family has been zealously guarding the vineyards and making Château de Brague wine. The grandfather, Maurice Trève, industrial inventor in railway equipment acquired the property in 1936, devoting all his leisure time. His son-in-law, Jacques Galland, engineer agronomist and industrialist in the foundry, then his daughter Hélène continued his work, modernizing and adapting techniques to the evolutions of viticulture and oenology. His granddaughters, Noele, architect, and Cécile, costume designer, continue this work undertaken for over 70 years with a constant search for quality and respect for the environment.

Chateau de Brague Bordeaux Supérieux Business News Japan

When asked if they have plans in distributing their wine to Japan, “We (have) not yet export to Japan but would like very much to (export to Japan). We have been working on it for three years now.”

“We present and inscribe our wines in Japanese competitions. Last year, our Chateau de Brague 2015  was awarded a silver medal in Sakura competition.”

They added that the Japanese market is very attractive because of its quality:  We know that Japanese people appreciate wines and are connoisseurs. We are sure that our IGP will be protected in an eventual partnership as we produce our wines in high respect for our environment, our vineyard, and our family traditions.

Currently, they export their wines to USA, China, Hong Kong, and the U.K These markets is an important part of their commercial activity (about 50%) that they have been developing for about 10 years now.

Chateau de Brague Bordeaux Supérieux Business News Japan

Their marketing initiatives include traveling to meet professionals, joining contests and promoting the wines. Their next plan is to increase exportation of their wines to other countries like as Vietnam, Mexico and of course Japan.

They have recently joined the Japan Awards 2019 and won a gold award for their BORDEAUX SUPERIEUR which is their flagship wine.

Bordeaux Superior Red 

80% Merlot
15% Cabernet Sauvignon
5% Cabernet Franc


Planted on clay-limestone soils, the grapes are picked up by machine after tasting the berries from each plot for optimum maturity. They are scuffed and passed on a sorting table.

The grapes are then put in stainless steel vats where they are macerated cold for a week before going into fermentation. The extraction of color and structure is done by alternating
winding pump and cane nitrogen and load shedding. The alcoholic fermentation lasts about 8 to 10 days, followed by the maceration phase.

The daily tastings allow us to decide the date of discharge of the vats. We then separate the dropped juice from the pressed juice for the malolactic fermentation. Wine racking is done by gravity, in order to limit the mechanical actions performed on the wine. The assembly of the different tanks is carried out one month before bottling. Filtration is done on the ground after bonding if necessary.


Dark red color with very deep reflections.
The nose of very ripe red and black fruits with a nice minerality.
On the attack, the palate is dense with round tannins and greedy. Good length, fruity finish and fresh

Finally, “Our wines have good value for money such as expected this market. We would like to find an importer.”

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