Crafted with Passion, Served with Elegance: Rivulet Artisan Pecan Liqueur by C88 Holdings, LLC

Crafted with Passion, Served with Elegance: Rivulet Artisan Pecan Liqueur by C88 Holdings, LLC

In the world of wines and beverages, the Japan market holds great significance, attracting distributors and importers from around the globe. Among the notable players in this industry is C88 Holdings, LLC, a renowned company known for its exceptional products. One of their outstanding offerings, Rivulet Artisan Pecan Liqueur, recently garnered a Gold Medal Award at the prestigious Japan Awards 2023, hosted by Business News Japan.

When C88 Holdings, LLC set out to create Rivulet Artisan Pecan Liqueur, their mission was to produce a spirit that had never been experienced before. Rooted in their passion for pecans, this labor of love resulted in the creation of a luxury liqueur that surpasses expectations. The brand’s dedication to natural ingredients, time-honored small batch distilling, and the patience of slow aging are evident in every sip.

At the heart of Rivulet Artisan Pecan Liqueur lies the finest slow-distilled brandy. Through the use of traditional methods and generations-old techniques, this brandy is meticulously aged in small oak casks. The result is a spirit renowned for its unmatched smoothness, often described as smoother than silk.

C88 Holdings, LLC’s commitment to excellence extends to the selection of ingredients. Recognizing the superiority of American-grown pecans, sourced from hickory pecan trees nurtured by the unique climate and terroir of the United States, Rivulet Artisan Pecan Liqueur showcases the delicate flavors of this treasured nut. With a proprietary recipe, the liqueur captures the essence of pecans, contributing to its distinctive and exceptional taste profile.

Years of dedication and attention to detail have allowed C88 Holdings, LLC to perfect the balance of aged brandy, pecans, and other proprietary ingredients. This delicate luxury liqueur is crafted in small batches, embodying time-honored craftsmanship and ensuring an unparalleled level of perfection. The use of custom copper and polished brass stills, expertly crafted by Vendome Copper & Brass Works, adds to the beauty and elegance of the distillation process.

The mesmerizing “dendrite sphere” icon of Rivulet Artisan Pecan Liqueur reflects the brand’s focus on peacefulness and serenity. Inspired by the random patterns found in nature, such as tree branches, roots, lightning, snowflakes, and blood vessels, this icon serves as a reminder of the liqueur’s origins and connection to the natural world.

Rivulet Artisan Pecan Liqueur delights the palate with a complex blend of nutty, caramel, and orange citrus flavors, accompanied by hints of vanilla cinnamon stick spice and butterscotch undertones. Its clean texture showcases notes of maple syrup, toasted pecans, butter, orange zest, and baking spice. With an expressive backbone of spice notes and lingering pecan flavors, this liqueur offers a truly exceptional tasting experience.

As part of a growing grassroots movement, Rivulet Artisan Pecan Liqueur is proud to be Fair Trade Certified. C88 Holdings, LLC believes in strengthening relationships, supporting local economies, and preserving the environment. By adhering to fair trading practices, the brand ensures the longevity and sustainability of farmers, workers, consumers, and the earth.

Rivulet Artisan Pecan Liqueur has earned numerous awards at prestigious competitions and events worldwide, attesting to its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Critics and judges consistently recognize and honor the brand’s commitment to producing an extraordinary liqueur that stands out among its peers.

C88 Holdings, LLC’s Rivulet Artisan Pecan Liqueur is a testament to the company’s dedication to creating a unique and world-class spirit. With its meticulous craftsmanship, emphasis on natural ingredients, and commitment to sustainability, Rivulet Artisan Pecan Liqueur has rightfully earned its Gold Medal Award at the Japan Awards 2023. This recognition solidifies Rivulet’s position as a leader in the Japanese wines and beverage market and reinforces its status as a luxurious, unparalleled liqueur. To learn more about Rivulet and explore their offerings, visit their website at