Top wine critic hails Antonio Oliveira as a must-have

Are you a distributor or importer in Japan looking for an exceptional winery to add to your portfolio? Have you heard of Antonio Oliveira, the hidden gem of Portugal’s wine region? Let us share with you the secrets of this outstanding winery and why it’s a must-have for the Japanese market.

Antonio Oliveira has been making waves in the wine industry and has been awarded 3 Gold Awards in the prestigious Japan Awards 2023 and 3 Gold Awards in America Awards 2023. The jury director Alexandre Petit praised the winery, stating, “Probably one of the top 3 vineyards in Portugal out of the 200 I have experienced in the last 20 years. Very impressed with the outstanding quality of Antonio Oliveira and the wines from the beautiful Dao region.”

What makes Antonio Oliveira stand out is their unwavering commitment to producing exceptional wines using traditional and sustainable methods. They handpick the grapes from their vineyards in the DAO region and use minimal intervention during the winemaking process. This results in wines that are a true reflection of the terroir and the artistry of the winemakers.

Imagine a warm summer evening in Tokyo, surrounded by friends and family, savoring the complex flavors and aromas of Antonio Oliveira’s flagship wine. The wine’s rich notes and aromas complement the delicious Japanese cuisine, creating a perfect harmony of flavors. The joy and satisfaction on the faces of your customers as they indulge in this exceptional wine is priceless. You can make this a reality by importing Antonio Oliveira’s wines into Japan.

This is a unique opportunity to work with one of the top vineyards in Portugal and offer your customers a rare and exceptional brand. Don’t miss out on the chance to add Antonio Oliveira’s wines to your portfolio. Visit their official website,, for more information and to contact the winery to start importing and distributing their outstanding wines today.