Brennevingrova: The spirit of western Norway

Brennevingrova: The spirit of western Norway by Business News Japan

Sykkylven is a beautiful municipality in the county of Møre og Romsdal, on the west coast of Norway. It is known for its many furniture factories, and was previously considered quite religious. So, it might surprise many Norwegians to learn that this is where Norway’s best gin is made.

Harald Strømmegjerde grew up on a small farm. But running a farm – even a small one – with young children is a lot of work. While on a trip to Ireland with his 16-year-old son, he visited a whisky distillery. He discovered that making whisky is very similar to brewing beer. With that, the seed of a new business idea was sown. In 2019, Brennevingrova Distillery was up and running.

Today, Strømmegjerde’s distillery makes gin, whisky and aquavit. Though Norway has a tradition of making aquavit that dates back hundreds of years, it’s not the first country that springs to mind at the mention of gin or whisky. Nevertheless, Strømmegjerde has won several prizes for his products.

This company has recently been awarded Gold Medal Award in JAPAN Awards 2023 competition:

Brennevinsgrova Single Malt Whisky – Awarded Gold Medal by Business News Japan

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