Brennevinsgrova : Award-Winning Norwegian Distillery

Brennevinsgrova : Award-Winning Norwegian Distillery by Business News Japan

The distillery Brennevinsgrova is located deep in a valley at the mouth of a fjord on the outskirts of Sykkylven. It is encircled by the untamed, precipitous Sunnmre Alps. Harald Strmmgjerde developed Brennevinsgrova on the family farm in 2019 after being influenced by the local environment. Two years later, the booze has won major prizes for both its flavor and appearance.

At the mouth of a fjord on the fringes of Sykkylven, the distillery Brennevinsgrova is situated deep within a valley. The wild and imposing Sunnmre Alps encircle it. On the family farm in 2019, Harald Strmmgjerde created Brennevinsgrova after being motivated by the surrounding area. The alcohol has received numerous honors for both its flavor and appearance two years later.

He is currently striving to revive local, traditional methods to produce the first Brennevinsgrova whisky, which will be created with neighboring grass and Norwegian malt and grains as part of his ongoing effort to advance the brand.

This distillery has won prestigious prizes in international contests all over the world. And this 2022, Brennevinsgrova has joined Japan Awards Competition and won Gold Awards. Brennevinsgrova products meet high-quality standards out in the world.

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Awarded Gold by Business News Japan


Interview of Japan Awards to Mr. Harald Strommegjerde



Do you already export to JAPAN ?

Answer : We are not selling our products in Japan yet, but we are looking for an importer & distributor with focus on quality high-end spirit and preference for Scandinavian design.

What is the most unique and qualitative part of your products, different from competitors?

Answer : Quality and design are the focus for Brennevinsgrova. Ingrediencies are sourced local, and the local water source is a mix of melted glacier and rainwater, this gives a unique soft taste of the Gins. Brennevinsgrova have worked together with a local design company to be able to tell the story of the products and design with deep roots in western Norway.

When did you start to export your brand worldwide, and what is your development plan for the next years?

Answer : We are so far selling the Gins in the Norwegian monopoly, Vinmonopolet, and in tax-free shops at the largest airports in Norway. The plan is to start export, and we are looking at Japan as a very interesting market.

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