Brasserie Du Bout Du Monde : An Artisanal Brewery in Finistère

Brasserie Du Bout Du Monde : An Artisanal Brewery in Finistère by Business News Japan

The Brasserie du Bout du Monde, which opened in 2013, is housed in former NATO bunkers in Terenez, Finistère. A rapidly growing craft brewery with a production capacity of 10 HL (1000 liters) every brew.

The brewery relocated to the Quiella Artisanal Zone in Le Faou towards the end of 2019 to establish a new manufacturing workshop, offices, and a store-bar-restaurant.

The brewery now has a 40HL mashing tank, a boiling tank, a Whirlpool centrifuge tank, two 80HL water storage tanks (one cold water and one hot water) and four 80HL fermenting tanks.

Brasserie du Bout du Monde beer needs time to express all of its aromas and taste. The quality of our products is sealed by a manufacturing process which is continuously improved.

An inspiration, a desire, a hobby became passion, a life transformation. Oliver joyously holds his very first bottle of TERENEZ beer in front of him after three years of hard labor, reflection, and learning. An unusual location, an artillery bunker repurposed into a brewery, where each step is performed with care and attention to quality and authenticity. There are several beers ready to try, with many more to come. Our brasserie is Breton, but it welcomes visitors from all around the world. Short circuits and independent resellers are preferred, as are human interactions, which we consider to be a strength.

We deal with suppliers who are nearest to our brewery as quickly as possible. In terms of packing, delivery services, communication, and the valuation of our spent grains, we form long-term and local partnership relationships.

The essential essence of our brewery’s mission is to provide high-quality products. We go to great lengths to obtain the greatest beer possible and to please our clients.

For us, a client is a partner, whether small or large, and we listen to them and do everything we can to meet their needs. Our primary focus is quality, and we want our clients to receive the same product year after year while adhering to our concept.

Brasserie du Bout du Monde recently participated in the JAPAN Wines & Spirits Awards 2021 and won THREE GOLD Awards and a SILVER Awards in this prestigious competition:

TERENEZ Triple (beer)

Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

Sweet, round and fruity: three cereals – barley, oat and wheat – are the main ingredients of Triple Terenez. Its legendary sweetness, aromatic complexity and roundness account for its unique taste. This beer is an invitation to travel and is the perfect accompaniment to spicy meals and crepes. A genuine Breton beer !

Perfect served between 8 and 10°, if too cold the beer might lose its flavours.

TERENEZ Brune (beer)

Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

The Térénez Brune is a brown beer type “Stout Porter” produced by the brewery End of the World in Rosnoën in Finistère. It is brewed from three hops: Centennial , Willamette and Styrian golding .

Rhum arrangé – Gingembre (arranged rum)

Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

Rhum arrangé – Ananas / Piment d’espelette (arranged rum)

Awarded Silver by Business News Japan

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