VIGNOBLES GABRIEL & CO : A New Approach to the Wine Trade, Wines of History

VIGNOBLES GABRIEL & CO : A New Approach to the Wine Trade, Wines of History by Business News Japan

Gabriel Bruneteau established the Domaine du Grand Moulin in Saint Aubin de Blaye in 1904. In 1921, while starting operations for Vignobles Gabriel & Co, he was elected mayor due to his unequaled enthusiasm for wine and people.

Vignobles Gabriel & Co. has had an identity crisis three years after his death, as it has expanded into grain and cattle production. Although much has changed, the vineyards have survived, with the express purpose of planting Ugni Blanc, an element in the production of dry white wines and Cognac. Vignobles Gabriel & Co was just four generations old when it returned to its roots.

Jean-François Reaud, Gabriel Bruneteau’s great-great grandson, inherited the land in 1985. To keep the family’s legacy alive, he modernized the seven-hectare vineyard. The site, which covers 25 hectares, was renamed Château Le Grand Moulin towards the end of the 1990s. Château Les Aubiers was the name given to an 81-hectare piece of land dedicated to conventional farming by Jean-François Reaud in 2011.

Jean-François Reaud formed a collaboration with surrounding farms to enable Right Bank Wine’s distribution and advertising in order to respond to consumer demand. He sees their wines’ success as proof of the benefits of working hand in hand with trusted partners.

To broaden their horizons even further, they entered the JAPAN Awards 2021 with a number of their wines, all of which received awards in their own right, living up to the Vignobles Gabriel & Co. culture.

Interview of Business News Japan to Mr. Réaud Jean-François –  President

Question 1: Do you already export to JAPAN? If so where? If not, what type of importers and distributors are you looking for in JAPAN?

Answer : Yes in Tokyo and Osaka. Importers for mass distribution. We are looking for importers specializing in organic wines for the cellar catering markets

Question 2: What is the most unique and qualitative part of your products, different from that of your competitors?

Answer : Fair Trade Fair For Life Question.

Question 3: When did you start exporting your brand all over the world and what is your development plan for the years to come?

Answer : From 2000 and we want to reach 50% of our export sales