Società Agricola Palmeri Famiglia Breitschmid-Heiniger Srl : A Successful Winery Located in the Heart of the Nero d’Avola

Società Agricola Palmeri Famiglia Breitschmid-Heiniger Srl

The Lutri family is at the core of the tale of «Palmeri» From the 15th century onwards, this noble family dominated Avola. The “Palazzo Lutri” is still one of the most impressive structures in Avola’s historic core. Palmeri was the family’s main home, and it was mostly used for farming.

In 2002, Palmeri was purchased by Ueli and Erika Breitschmid-Heiniger. They already had a prosperous boutique winery in Switzerland and decided to carry on the family tradition in Avola.

In 2005, On a 4.5-hectare plot, the first vines were planted. In the same year, they started rebuilding some of the Tenuta’s smaller structures as well as the construction of a new cellar.

The first bottle of wine was made. Olives, oranges, almonds, lemons, and pomegranates are also grown in limited amounts and harvested.

The winery is right in the heart of the vineyard. The grapes arrive at the winery minutes after being harvested in this manner. There are two parts of the cellar: the vinification cellar and the Barrique cellar.

The Tenuta’s vinification cellar is located in the upper level. When the grapes arrive, they are chilled to preserve their freshness. After that, they go through the fermentation process. All of our wines are fermented in large wooden vats under strict conditions.

The young wines are aged in the Barrique cellar. It is located at the bottom of the hill, and the wines flow there by gravity rather than being pumped. This cellar is built underground and retains perfect temperatures. Barriques are used to age wines here.

Very recently, Società Agricola Palmeri Famiglia Breitschmid-Heiniger Srl has joined JAPAN Awards 2021 and won THREE GOLD Medal Award and a SILVER Medal Award in this prestigious competition:

Palmeri Blu 2014 – Nero d’Avola 60%, Cabernet Sauvignon 35%, Merlot 5%

Palmeri Ocra 2019 – Moscato 100%

Palmeri Rosso 2013 – Cabernet Sauvignon 60%, Merlot 25%, Syrah 15%

Awarded Gold by Business News Japan 

Palmeri Rosa 2019 – Nero d’Avola 100%

Awarded Silver by Business News Japan 

Interview of Mr. Antonio Campisi –  Winemaker

Question 1: Do you already export to JAPAN ? If yes, where ? If no, what type of importers & distributors are you looking for in JAPAN ?

Answer : We do not currently export to Japan. We are looking for 1st level wholesalers, specialized shop.

Question 2: What is the most unique and qualitative part of your products, different from competitors ?  

Answer : Our wines, expression of the territory of the south east of Sicily, stand out from the competition in several respects, one above all:

  • Low production per hectare 40 quintals per hectare,
  • Viticulture and winemaking in an organic regime,
  • Production limited to 50,000 liters per year

Question 3: When did you start to export your brand worldwide, and what is your development plan for the next years ?

Answer : Our company began exporting abroad in 2010, today the intent is to enter new markets by presenting our brand and our wines through trade fairs, wine competitions and sector events. The support of large importers certainly represents the main way for our presence abroad.

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