2020 Wine Trends Include Organic and Biodynamic

2020 Wine Trends Include Organic and Biodynamic

Natural Merchant.com recently published about 2020 Wine Trends Include Organic and Biodynamic.

Organic and Biodynamic wine has never been more popular, and the growth trends look to be even brighter as we enter the new decade. We have a roundup of key 2020 wine trends in both retail and restaurants. Natural Merchants’ organic and Biodynamic wines continue to be on-trend in many growth categories for 2020 and beyond.

Organic Wine Sales Continue to Soar

Almost one billion bottles of organic wine are expected to be consumed around the world by 2023, new research has revealed, more than doubling from the 441 million bottles recorded in 2013. This is according to research commissioned by Millésime Bio, a trade show devoted to organic wine, and its organizer SudVinBio, conducted by research group IWSR. They estimate a total of 976 million bottles of organic wine are expected to be consumed in 2023, up 34% from 729 million bottles consumed in 2018.

While Germany currently consumes the most organic wine, France is set to overtake it by 2023, consuming one in every five bottles. The US is set to overtake the UK and place third, representing 9.3% of organic wine consumed, equivalent to 91 million bottles.

Consumption of organic sparkling wine rose by 19.1% in these markets between 2013 and 2018, and the study predicts an average rise of 8.2% every year in the five selected markets through 2023.

Patrick Guiraud, president of Millésime Bio, said: “This new research demonstrates how more and more consumers around the world are choosing organic wines as they reject the use of pesticides and other unnatural products that damage the environment and can enter the food chain.

“This trend will only increase as large and small vignerons switch to more sustainable winemaking, and retailers stock a larger range of organic wines to meet rising consumer demand.”