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Francoli family started distilling in 1875 and in 1951 he founded his distillery in Ghemme, in Piedmont. Over the years, with the creation of new companies or the acquisition of existing companies, it has created the Francoli Group.

Today the Francoli Group is active in the production and distribution of Grappas, liqueurs, spirits, wines, ham and electricity.

Respect for and protection of the environment has always been of fundamental importance. Distillerie Francoli is in fact the first Zero Impact Grappa distillery.

The heat sources used in the distillation process are obtained from vegetable fuels which ensure a neutral balance of carbon dioxide.

The carbon dioxide emissions due to the company’s commercial activities are compensated by the reforestation of adequate surfaces: the carbon dioxide absorbed by the growing trees compensates that emitted by the company as a consequence of its commercial activities (supply and delivery of goods, movements in car, plane, etc. of all the people involved in the company activities). Thanks to the adhesion to the Impatto Zero® project, the company contributes to the protection of an annual average of over 340 thousand square meters of forest in Costa Rica.

Thanks to the drying of the marc there is no waste in the distillation process.
The dried marc is used as a fuel both to produce the water vapor necessary for distillation and for heating all the farm structures in winter (in practice: there are no uses of fossil fuels).

The dried marc, together with the crushed pips, can be transformed into pellets, fuel that can also be used in domestic boilers.
The oil obtained from the grape seeds (grape seed oil) is a product, as well as edible, healthy and dietetic.

The use of marc as fuel implies the emission of fumes into the atmosphere.
These emissions, in addition to being of plant origin (and therefore already low in themselves), have been minimized thanks to the use of an electrofilter, thus resulting significantly below the limits imposed by law.

For the cooling and condensation of the alcoholic vapors that originate Grappa, water is used.

Once its function as heat exchanger is over, the water is cooled again by a cascade system which allows it to be reintroduced into the cooling circuit (the quantity of water recovered is 95%).

Torraccia del Piantavigna is a family-run winery a Francoli Group that produces bottled wines using the grapes deriving from its 35 hectares of vineyards in Upper Piedmont.

The most prestigious vineyards are located in the DOCG of Ghemme and Gattinara, at the foot of the Alps.

Torraccia del Piantavigna wines have won numerous awards.

Among these, the “Tre Bicchieri Rossi” of Gambero Rosso stand out, received every year in the last 12 editions.

The history of “Torraccia del Piantvigna” dates back to the early 50s of the last century, when Pierino Piantvigna planted a small vineyard on the hills of Ghemme, near the seventeenth-century Cavenago castle.

The name of the company, coined many years later and inspired by the passionate life that Pierino spent among the rows of his vineyard, derives from the nickname “Torraccia” given to a hill, particularly dear to the Piantvigna, of exceptional exposure and almost shaped circular that is located just north of the castle of Cavenago.

The presence of the old castle tower, a real “torraccia” due to its state of neglect, is another reason for inspiring the company name.

It will be Alessandro Francoli, president of the homonymous Distilleries and nephew of Pierino, to create in 1997 what today has become a company recognized in Italy and abroad for the quality of its wines, modern but absolutely respectful of the traditions of the territory.

Very recently, Francoli Group – Torraccia del Piantavigna has joined Business News Japan Awards 2020 and won Two GOLD Medal in this prestigious competition:

GHEMME DOCG 2013 – ALTO PIEMONTE ITALY – 90% Nebbiolo + 10% Vespolina 

Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

The vintage 2013 was marked by a difficult start with spring temperatures well below the average, causing a delay in the fruit set, albeit the blooming took place on time during the second half of June.

Conversely, the climate between the beginning of the veraison throught to ripening has been quite stable so that the harvest could take place as later as it should naturally be, leading to a vintage that we deemed excellent.

Our Ghemme 2013 is very fine on the nose with violet and almond notes hitting first, followed by hints of red fruit still detectable.

At the palate is full-bodied, yet velvety with mature tannins and a pleasant finish marked by slightly bittery and balsamic notes.


Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

The 2015 vintage started a little early, passing through sustained rainfall in the second half of April and a generally warm month of May. Flowering occurs a week early on average.

The summer was hot and dry. In particular, July was marked by an absence of precipitation and persistent heat, with monthly values which were decidedly higher than average. In August the hot temperatures dropped, but still remained high.

September continued in a favourable manner for the ripening of the grape, allowing for a tranquil and friendly harvest.

Elevated sugar accumulation (without the excesses of other very early vintages like 2003, 2009 and 2011), on average low acidity and generally excellent health of the grapes are the typical characteristics of the 2015 vintage.

The colour is tile-red with orange highlights. On the nose, it is subtle and elegant with primary and tertiary notes of rose, stone fruits and straw. On the palate the 2015 vintage is smooth, slender, taut, quite expansive, developing a pleasing, delicate mineral and vegetal side.

This wine is already drinking well and will continue to develop well with age.

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