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Spain is an incredible vineyard legacy, of years of viticulture and terroirs history.

Casa Rojo wines are the result of teamwork. They dreams are possible thanks to the professionals who form Casa Rojo. Believe in quality, love what you do, trust in the unity of the group, support each other, learn every day. That is our secret.

Casa Rojo the winery located between the mountain ranges of El Carche and La Pila, in the Murcian highlands, is the singular Place of La Raja. In this area they have selected the 7 plots from which the Monastrell grape that gives rise to MachoMan comes, from which they produced 87,298 bottles, 5,300 magnum, 688 jeroboams and 192 matusalem in the 2018 vintage.

Poor, shallow and calcareous soils, together with the extremely dry climate of the area, will mark the character of this vintage.

Monastrell cultivated in a traditional way in a 3 x 2 or 3 x 3 frame, in a glass and rain-fed conduction system.

Green pruning in June to adjust production to the desired quantity and concentration. Thinning in August. Manual harvesting by optimal maturing stages. Yield of about 2,000 kgs per hectare.

Harvest during the second and third week of September and carried out manually during the first hours of the day so that the grapes enter the cellar at a temperature of around 15ºC. Transport by refrigerated truck. Entry into the winery of the previous double selection table.

Casa Rojo fermentation carried out in reverse frustoconical steel tanks of 7,000 liters (the thinnest hat and this inverse shape allows natural, softer and less aggressive pressing) at a controlled temperature of 25º C. A part of the wine also fermented in oak casks. French 11,000 liters.

The wine spends six months in first and second year French oak barrels. Casa Rojo also pass through 800-liter Italian clay amphorae, extolling the fruit and primary aromas of the variety. The wine remains in reductive aging in the cellar until it is fined for approximately one year.

Very recently, Casa Rojo has joined Business News Japan Awards 2020 and won GOLD Medal in this prestigious competition:

MMM – Monastrell / Jumilla – 2018

Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

Coming from singular vineyards of Monastrell of the Paraje de La Raja, in the Murcian highlands. The 2018 vintage is mature, complex and elegant. With a garnet red color. On the nose, the balsamic and menthol notes stand out, along with those of ripe red fruits (plum, blackberry) and hints of licorice and roasted almonds. Aromas that reflect the terrain, with shades of scrub (rosemary, thyme, lavender) well integrated. The palate shows a wonderful freshness and elegance with that balanced step and a finish typical of great wines.

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