Bodegas Vehemencia : Passion for winemaking, produce a young, fresh and very vigorous wine

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Bodegas Vehemencia plays with the name of the queen of Bierzo varieties, mencia, and reflects the vehemence that drives the development of this bodega, determined to stay faithful to organic viticulture. Vehemencia is also a good fit for the fruit intensity and flavour vigour gently offered by their flagship red wine.

Vehemencia is a relatively young, small and independent winery established and run by Enrique Prada, grounded on a long family winemaking tradition, in the heart of Bierzo region. This area of over 3,000 sq Km in north-western Spain features exceptionally old vineyards primarily of mencia followed by grenache red varieties and godello white.

Bierzo is also well known for its hills and valleys that provide vineyards with a wide diversity of grape maturing conditions. Climate diversity is also particularly dramatic with cold winters and hot summers.

Passionate, Enthusiastic

Passion, for the wine, Vehemencia vineyards, and a job well done.Enthusiasm, for the project and for getting someone to taste their wines to be delighted and want to know more about the winery, surroundings and their vineyards.

Momentum, Vigor

Impetus, with which they began this journey and strive to do things well, improving year by year. Vigor, which their centennial vines have and which has helped them to meet several previous generations.

Strength, Emotion

Strength, that they need to work some vineyards that are difficult to mechanize and that thanks to it they can carry out laborious organic agriculture.
Emotion of working the family vineyards, of trying to make a wine that can transmit the feeling towards the land, the affection and the memories that have made this project a reality.

Very recently, Bodegas Vehemencia has joined Business News Japan Awards 2020 and won a GOLD Medal in this prestigious competition.


Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

Vehemencia is a young red wine from the D.O. Bierzo made by the Vehemencia winery with the native Mencía variety.

The hundred-year-old winery Vehemencia is owned by Enrique Prada, and located in the town of Villadecanes (León). A name inspired by the variety par excellence of the D.O. Bierzo, la MencíaVehemencia is a project that is passionate about bringing out the vividness and vigour of the variety.

The Mencía variety crop stands out for its great geographical contrasts. Mountainous variety, deep basins and stark climatic contrasts that really boost the quality of the grape. They are also centuries-old strains that are cultivated using organic methods, resulting in 100% Bierzo quality wines. The harvest is carried out with great care and the grapes are selected manually.

In the winery, spontaneous alcoholic fermentation happens in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature that does not exceed 28ºC.

Vehemencia is a young red wine from centuries-old Mencía vines, which results in a fresh and very vigorous wine.

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