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Since 2000, Health Link, s.r.o. origin has been active in production of prime quality nutritional supplements and selected natural products, such as edible oils, superfoods, natural sweeteners, etc.

Health Link, s.r.o. priority is to respond flexibly to the requirements and preferences of the market.

Health Link, s.r.o. guarantee the topmost quality of their products by careful and thoughtful selection of the raw materials. They come exclusively from proven growers from all over the world who abide by principles of ecological farming and who are, at the same time, able to ensure competitive prices of their commodities.


Thanks to Health Link, s.r.o. own production facility, they are ready to adapt promptly and meet specific requirements of their customers and also to manufacture their products based on their own original formulas.


Health Link, s.r.o. R&D department is staffed with professional experienced personnel who develops products conforming to the standards set by the company and continues research to ensure the high potency and bioavailability in products.

Health Link, s.r.o. products will be appreciated by everybody who is looking for an alternative to the long-established and outlived way of eating and who is trying, by means of prime quality food products and nutritionally valuable supplements, to change their style of life and supply their bodies with required energy and nutrition in a natural way.


Company Health Link, s. r. o. was granted the certificate for manufacture of products in organic quality, which are in compliance with principles of ecological farming and thus meet all requirements for organic products.


Compliance with the system of hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP), which has to be, under valid  legal requirements, applied in every food-processing company, is in the company Health Link, s. r. o. guaranteed by the certificate of health of the products.

Very recently, Health Link, s.r.o. has joined Japan Business News Japan Taste Awards 2020 and won Two gold medal and a Silver Medal in this prestigious competition:

Mango Latte – Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

Organic Turmeric Latte –  Awarded Gold by Business News Japan

Organic Matcha Latte – Awarded Silver by Business News Japan

Health Link, s.r.o. Organic Smoothies are a solution for nowadays busy life style and they are one of the easiest and most delicious ways to include them to your diet. Using only Organic Premium Plant-Based Ingredients we prepare refreshing smoothies for everybody with exceptional taste.

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