TULIP WINERY: Wine That Matters

Tulip WInery Business News Japan

Tulip Winery is not just your ordinary make-and-sell wineries. It is their desire to create unique, bold and groundbreaking wines that leads and empowers their people.

The “Tulip” entrepreneurial spirit allows them to continue to lead creatively, innovatively, professionally and sensitively. This Boutique Winery specializes in the preparation of unique types of wines. While producing a certain quantity of wine bottles throughout the year. This is an intimate and experiential business that gives its customers a unique and unforgettable experience for its visitors.

In addition, various boutique wineries also conduct comprehensive and professional wine workshops and tours – but the unique tour that Tulip gives will give you an experience that you will remember for years to come.

Tulip WInery Business News Japan

Tulip Winery dons several hats and is very active with their online presence. But their top hat is their project, Kfar Tikva.

Kfar Tikva is a community settlement for adults with special needs. It was established in 1964 on Givot Zaid in the Jezreel Valley, near Kiryat Tivon, and is a unique model in Israel and around the world. Kfar Tikva is a home for life and a supportive and developing space for 250 residents.

As part of Kfar Tikva’s vision of enabling its members to live a full and full life, the village takes care to provide them with a daily, regular and orderly employment framework.
In addition to maintaining a welcome routine, integrating into the workforce gives the village members important values ​​such as taking responsibility, self-discipline, cooperation, and teamwork, and allowing them to create social connections and self-expression.

The winery’s vision from its founding was to serve as a social business and therefore chose to establish it in Kfar Tikva.

The winery regularly employs a number of village members who have become an integral part of the team, taking an active part in the process of wine production, starting with the harvest, through wine bottling and packing, preparing gift baskets on holidays, ongoing logistics and hosting the winery’s active visitor center.

In addition, the winery employs dozens of members as part of projects and odd projects throughout the year, all out of a desire to act in the spirit of contributing to the community.

Tulip Winery Business News Japan

If you are into wine tours, you can enjoy an exciting and experiential visit to the visitors’ center.
You will be impressed with the unique nature of the place, hear explanations about the winemaking process, stories, and anecdotes from the wine world and of course enjoy a variety of our wines alongside quality boutique cheeses and fresh bread from the oven.
At the end of the visit, you can purchase at the winery’s shop: a variety of winery wines (including special archive wines), art products made by members of Kfar Tikva, gourmet products from the area and complimentary wine accessories. 

Additionally, Tulip Winery launched the “Don’t Label Me” Project and “Make-A-Wish” project that is aimed to give back to the community.

Tulip Winery Business News Japan

Aside from wine visits, their wines are available online and can be purchased from several countries. Their presence is available in the US, UK, and other regions. They are planning to expand to Asia particularly in Japan as they deemed it a very huge market for their products.

The most recent competition they have won was Japan Awards 2019 where they bagged medals for some of their bestselling wines.

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