Niemand Dry Gin : German Pride

Niemand Dry Gin Business News Japan

The first thing you would notice about the Niemand Dry Gin is their feminine bottle. At first glance, you would assume that they are selling perfumes.  But do not be fooled, this gin packs a punch of flavours that would put any gin a run for their money.

Created in 2015 by German entrepreneurs Sebastian Maria Otto and Torben Paradiek, Niemand Dry Gin is a contemporary take on the category that almost certainly speaks of its artistic background. It was not a one-time big-time thing for the duo. In 2014, they released a product with the usual ingredients – bordering on citrusy than floral foundations. But with perseverance and a lot of trial and error, they were able to come up with a winning formula.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Serendipity with flavours was what made the Niemand Dry Gin is what it is now. The gin features a selection of 10 botanicals at its core – highlights of which include lavender, rosemary and sandalwood. You’ll also find a few cheeky hints of ginger, apple and white pepper. While almost all gin is juniper based, the juniper here is apparent but not predominant.

At the second taste, you get the taste of sandalwood with a hint like you are tasting an aftershave. The Niemand Dry Gin team suggests that the gin and tonic be served with an apple slice and a sprig of rosemary. While the majority prefers it this way, a slice of orange with a sprig of rosemary will also make a great combination as well to balance the floral notes.

Niemand Dry Gin Business News Japan

Sebastian Otto & Torben Paradiek

The creators of Niemand Dry Gin were both born in Germany and it was in a small distillery in Hanover where all of these is produced. Fascinated by the different recipes of gin and seeing the potential of this alcohol, the two colleagues, who then held an art gallery in the same city, embark on distillation! The whole process, from the creation of the brand to the distribution, took place quickly, thanks to the artistic career of the founders of Niemand Dry Gin, which allowed them to design a superb packaging by their own means.

Niemand Dry Gin Business News Japan

This beautiful gin is available throughout the UK, the USA, Europe, and Australia. They do not have a huge presence in the Japan market yet but hey are hoping to penetrate the Asian region in the future as it is a very promising market.

In just a short span of 4 years, they have won several awards from different categories and this time was no exemption. Niemand won a Gold medal at the Japan Awards 2019 proving that the quirky, modern, yet classy combination is here to stay and compete.

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