CELLER CAL PLA – 7 Generations

Celler Cal Pla Business News Japan

Celler Cal Pla was founded in 1780 when the Priorat had a great viticultural transformation.

The name of Cal Pla is the name of the house and of their family, now also transmitted to their wines.

Their family had known that this is what they wanted to do and they were blessed to operate their vineyards for 7 generations now. They are very dedicated to the work of the vineyards and winemaking, in the village of Porrera, in the DOQ Priorat, which up to this day have given them an extraordinary old winery and vineyards of up to one hundred years.

Today, they have over 35 hectares of their own vineyards for the production of their wines.

Celler Cal Pla Business News Japan

Currently, they do not have distributors in Japan but they are looking for one in the Horeca channel. They believe that importers will be interested because of their long history and tradition in Priorat wines. They have only started exporting their wines in 1996 but their goal is to continue growing their market worldwide.

They have won several prizes and diplomas of their wines since 1929, and continue to do so. Just recently, they won gold medals for 2 of their wines in the Japan Awards 2019 and they have no plan of stopping.

Celler Cal Pla Business News Japan

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