Domaine de la Choupette Business News Japan

Domaine de la Choupette is a family winery for three generations. They have plots in the most famous Cotes de Beaune areas: Santenay, Puligny Montrachet, Chassagne-Montrachet and Maranges.

Even if they have invested in modern equipment for the vine cultivation and winemaking they remain very conservative and respectful of the authentic Burgundy traditions for the elaboration of its wines.

Because of the consistent quality, its wines are highly demanded all over the world, especially in Asia where the consumers are more and more educated and understand the essence of good wine. Burgundy is a fantastic region where climates and soils influence dramatically the characteristics of the wines. By chance, they own very well exposed vineyards in the “premier crus” areas.

Domaine de la Choupette is typically a Boutique wine, which produces low quantities, high quality for all the moments of your life

Domaine de la Choupette Business News Japan


According to Mrs. Gutrin, they are already exporting to Japan, in Tokyo mainly. But they would like to expand further in the archipelago because they believe that their wines correspond to the Japanese palate.

What sets them apart from their competitors is that they are producing “1er Cru” in Chassagne-Montrachet, Puligny-Montrachet and Santenay, those wines are the flagship of Domaine de la Choupette. Besides these high-end wines, they also offer to the consumers more accessible wines such as Puligny, Maranges and Cote d’Or. “All our wines are vinified and aged in oak casks; it makes a real difference with big suppliers,” she added. 

When asked what are their future plans: “Actually, we focused on France for many years but about three years ago we put more emphasis on export. We participated in several trade fairs and the success was immediate in the USA, Scandinavia, HK et now Japan. We’ll be present in Tokyo on June 6 at the Hyatt Regency to introduce our wines.”

Recently, their wines have earned several gold medals in the concluded Japan Awards 2019 for this quarter. The excellence seal will help them gain a wider market share in Japan.

Domaine de la Choupette Business News Japan


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